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After-sale Services

For every parts we manufacturered and shipped out, we have the utmost confidence to excel in terms of product quality. By chosing us, you will find unquenchable passion into tracing perfection. To extend the excellence into after-sale we commit to provide a comprehensive, responsive service towards customers and final users. Challenge us with what you find in our part, throw us things that is not clear enough for you no matter what, let us know where we did so good and where we can do better.

For product related issues:
To comment on our product, recommendations and comments:

You can find our parts detail catalog and their different application scenarios by browsing through the PRODUCT tab or simply go back to the front page and walk around our product centers for technical datas. They are now all available for download.

In general, you may reach us through email, give us a call during office hour between 8:00 am - 17:00 pm (UTC+8).




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