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How To Use Terminal Block?

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The Terminal Block is an important part of any electrical system. It serves as a point of connection between two or more conductors and ensures that power flows safely from one component to another. With its ease of installation and wide variety of designs, it's no wonder why Terminal Blocks are so popular when assembling an electrical circuit. Whether you are working on a simple home wiring project or a larger industrial application, having the right Terminal Block can make all the difference in getting your job done quickly and safely.

The Features of the Terminal Block

What is the main function of Terminal Block?

How to use Terminal Block?

The Features of the Terminal Block

A Terminal Block is a type of electrical connector that is used to join together two or more electrical wires. The Terminal Block allows for a connection to be made between the wires without the use of solder or other adhesive materials. Terminal Blocks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be used for both low-voltage and high-voltage applications. In addition, Terminal Blocks can be used in a wide range of environments, including wet, dry, and hazardous locations.

What is the main function of Terminal Block?

Terminal Block is a product that connects accessories, just like network cable connectors. There are also many types of Terminal Blocks, and each type has different uses. The more common ones are: European series, plug-in series, transformer series, building wiring series, fence series, track series, through-wall series, etc. . If you want to buy, you must first clarify what your purpose is after you buy it, so that you can buy a suitable Terminal Block. The main function of the Terminal Block is to facilitate the connection between two wires. In order to disconnect at any time more conveniently, in the process of wiring, you need to use a screw. When connecting the wire, insert it into the cavity at both ends and fix it tightly. It is not necessary to weld the wire and the terminal together, or Wind up.

How to use Terminal Block?

To use Terminal Blocks, the materials to be prepared include: Terminal Blocks, screwdrivers, and wires. The composition of the Terminal Block is relatively simple. It consists of a piece of metal sealed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends for inserting wires, or screws for fastening/loosening. For example, between two wires, sometimes they need to be connected, and sometimes they need to be disconnected. Here, you can use terminals to connect them instead of welding or winding them together.

1. First, peel off 6-8 mm of the insulation sheath of the wire.

2. Then insert the exposed wire into the inside of the Terminal Block.

3. Tighten the top screw with a screwdriver.

Fourth, pull it by hand to ensure that it will not fall.

5. Then press the switch and see that the light is on, so that the wiring of the terminal is completed.

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