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How does the Hy-mag Circuit Breaker work?

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When an overcurrent or fault occurs on a circuit, the Hy-mag Circuit Breaker trips and opens the circuit. This interrupts the flow of current and protects the circuit from damage. The Hy-mag Circuit Breaker is designed to automatically reset after the overcurrent or fault condition has been cleared.

How much do you know about the Hy-mag Circuit Breaker?

The Hy-mag Circuit Breaker is an essential piece of safety equipment that can help protect your home or business from electrical surges. It functions by monitoring the current flow in circuits and switching off the power if it detects any irregularities, thus providing vital protection against overcurrents, short circuits and fire risks. With its reliable performance and easy installation, this circuit breaker is a great choice for those looking to safeguard their property and loved ones from potential harm.

Is the use of Hy-mag Circuit Breaker related to the ambient air temperature?

The Hy-mag Circuit Breaker is related to the ambient air temperature, and is more sensitive to the ambient air temperature than the thermal magnetic circuit breaker, because the core component of the hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker is the oil cup, which uses methyl silicone oil. The concentration of methyl silicone oil becomes thinner as the temperature rises, and the moving iron core is sucked down by the static iron core, which pulls the circuit breaker mechanism and trips the circuit breaker.

What is the rated breaking capacity of Hy-mag Circuit Breaker?

Breaking capacity refers to a special function of Hy-mag Circuit Breaker. At present, there are 36KA, 50KA and other specifications. The breaking capacity of the circuit breaker refers to the ability of the circuit breaker to safely cut off the fault current (often the determining factor of the price), just like the air conditioner is divided into 1P and 2P. There is no necessary connection with its rated current. It is generally divided into limit breaking capacity Icu and running breaking capacity Ics (many micro-breaks are not distinguished). If Icu=60KA, then when a 60KA fault current occurs in the line, the circuit breaker can safely cut off the circuit without contact welding or explosion. and other abnormal conditions. Note that the circuit breaker that has been subjected to limit breaking is not allowed to be used again (it often fails), and must be replaced. And if Ics=60KA, after the current is broken, the circuit breaker is allowed to be closed and reused, but it must be replaced after emergency. Now many good circuit breakers can achieve Icu=Ics.

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